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About Kingflyber Photography

   As a kid, we lived only two minutes from the beach. So as you'd imagine nearly everyday we were there fishing, bodyboarding or swimming. I've always had a passion for the ocean. Fourteen years ago I moved from Australia to Norway, it was a big change and I needed something to keep me busy. So I bought a GoPro and started shooting water photography in between surfs and that's when I got hooked. 

   Three years ago I finally bought myself a Sony camera and a Seafrogs waterproof housing. Since then I've been shooting more than I have been bodyboarding. There is something so relaxing about being out the water, by yourself, taking photos. 

   Water Photography in Norway is alot different to other countries as you are constantly dealing with the elements. Rain, hail, snow are quite a common occurrence here. Freezing temperatures really can take the toll on the body, but over time you become used to it.

   People often ask me where the name Kingflyber came from. My nickname as a kid was actually "Fly" so I combined that with my last name and since then it has stuck. 

   Lastly, I just wanted to say I find water photography so unique as it shows people what they are not normally able to see. And now I've finally put it all together for everyone to experience. Hope you enjoy...

   If you want to enquire about prints or have any questions, fell free to contact me.


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